Public Service Commission

Gazetted third Class Section officer (Judicial Service, Law, Government Lawyer group)  Exam  2075

First Paper Competitive Written Exam Held on 2075-11-16

Time: 3 hours

FM: 100

Subject: governance Systems

Section -A

  1. What do you understand by state-building and nation- building? Explain the role of civil society in state-building. (5+5)=10
  2. Describe the elements of good governance and state the ways to implementation the right to information. (5+5)=10
  3. Analyzing the provisions related to multilayered governance in the Constitution of Nepal, Comment briefly the Challenges faced during implementation of such provisions. (5+5)=10

Section -B

  1. What do you mean by rule of law? How to republican value and norms shall be established in the rule of law governance? Discuss. (5+5)=10
  2. How check and balance have been established for Executive, Parliament and Judiciary in the Constitution of Nepal? Discuss. 10

Section -C

  1. Sate the role of civil service in public service delivery the public services and what kind of reforms can be suggested to improve Citizen Charters? (5+5)=10
  2. Define Public Fund. Advise on the proper utilization of Public Fund. Give your own opinion. (3+7)=10
  3. How Information and communication technology could be effectively applied in Public Services? Write on point basis. 10

Section -D

  1. Briefly mention the fundamental principles and basic requirements of revenue audit. (4+6)=10
  2. Describe the inter-relationship between Planning and Budgeting system in Nepal. 10




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