Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City announces vacancy for 28 vacant seat. Lalitpur Sub Metropolitan city today published vacancy notice for the all interested nepali candidate to apply for the post of  Section officer, Na. Su. and Kharidar. Total Seats for section officer are 10 ( 1 mahile, 1 Aadibasi, 1 madheshi, 1 dalit and 6 for Khulla), Na. Su. are 6 (1 mahile, 1 Aadibasi, 1 madheshi and 3 for Khulla) and Kharidar are 12 (2 mahile, 1 Aadibasi, 1 madheshi, 1 dalit and 7 for Khulla). All interested candidate can submit their application till 20733-09-21. Here is vacancy notice.



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