Officer 7th level Madhesh Province Fourth Paper Question 2079


Province Public Service Commission

Madhesh Province, Janakpur

Local Level Officer 7th level

Written Exam
Date : 2079-08-19

Time: 3 hr

Full Marks: 100

Paper: Fourth

Subject: Service Related

Section-A                     30 Marks

1 Mention the existing provision of career development of civil servant in Nepalese Civil Services. Does these provision is being able to motivate the employee. Give your answer      [4+6=10]

2. Introduce the forms of organization. Also mention the organizational structure of Nepalese administrative system with key features.     [6+2+2=10]

3. Write about the provision of Inter-Governmental Fiscal Council and its operational system, provisioned in Inter-Governmental Fiscal Management Act 2074. [6+4=10]

Section –B        20 Marks

4. mentioning about the citizen’s charter, explain the mandatory elements to be mentioned in the citizen’s charter.    [6+4=10]

5. Define Fiscal Policy and mention the differences between Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy.   [3+7=10]

Section –C      30 Marks

6. Define Double Entry Book keeping system. Trace out the differences between Cash based and Accrual based Accounting System.  [3+7=10]

7. Many public bodies have complained that there is a problem in Nepalese Public Procurement management. Mention the problems encountered in public procurement management with their probable solutions.   [4+6=10] 8. Explain the type of Audit. Also highlights the main issues related to financial management incorporated in 59th annual report of Auditor General.     [5+5=10]

Section-D         20 Marks

9. Explain the roles and importance of parliament committees in the parliamentary system of Government       [10]

10 Mentioning the Inter-relationship of Federal Parliament and Provincial Parliament, review the support rendered by the federal Parliament for the effective operation of Provincial Parliament of Madhesh Province.  [6+4=10]

——- The End ——

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