1. What is the amount of the budget for the financial year 2081/82 presented to the Federal Parliament on May 15, 2081 by Finance Minister Varshman Pun?
-> Rs. 18 trillion 60 billion 30 million

2. Who has been announced as the new crown prince by Sheikh Mesal Al Ahmad Al Sawah, the Emir of Kuwait?
-> Sheikh Sawah Khalid al-Hamad al-Sawah

3 .The government has announced the “Gandaki Economic Triangle” project covering which places?
-> Butwal, Pokhara and Bharatpur

4. Which is the period in which the government announced investment in agriculture as a decade?
-> Year 2081–2091

5. The government has announced the construction of sky-way and padway transport system in which corridors of Kathmandu Valley?
-> Dhovikhola, Bagmati and Bishnumati Corridors (Budget 2081-82)

6. According to the statistics of the National Statistics Office, which province is estimated to have the highest share in the gross domestic product?
-> Bagmati Province (36.4 percent)

7. Where is the foot tall Buddha statue built?
-> Miklajung (Panchathar)

8. When was Export Day celebrated for the first time in Nepal?
-> Year 2073 Paush 22

9. According to the current constitution of Nepal, what is meant by “federal unit”?
-> Union, state and local levels

10. Who is the beauty who will win the title of Miss Nepal Peace 2024?
-> Vidhi Lamsal (Kavrepalanchok), 2081 June
-> In the competition, Anisa Parajuli from New Thimi Bhaktapur was first and Pala Regmi from Samakhusi became second runners-up.

11. When did Nepal get the membership of World Football Federation (FIFA)?
-> Year 1973

12. Sarje Himal is known as Shanti Peak while Kanchenjunga Himal is known as what?
-> Nepal Pick

13. In which district is the main structure of Melamchi water supply project being operated?
-> Sindhupalchok

14. When is National Women’s Rights Day celebrated?
-> May 16

15. Who is the Rana Prime Minister who allowed the common people to have a radio?
-> Mohanshamsher

16. When did the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs remove marijuana from the list of harmful drugs?
-> December 2, 2020

17. When is International Everest Day celebrated?
-> May 29

18. What is PEFA related to?
-> Reform of public financial management

19. Bisca: Jatra and Mahakali dance are dances performed at which place?
-> Bhaktapur

20. Africa is the second largest continent in terms of area and which is the third largest continent?
-> North America

21. Which language is also called Tajpuri language?
-> Dynasty

22. Through the budget of the year 2081/82, the government has announced which province will be developed as an information technology hub?
-> Bagmati Province


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