Public Service Commission

Non-Gazetted Second Class Asst. Computer Operator

  Exam  2080

Second Paper Competitive Written Exam Held on 2080-08-09

Time: 2.15 hours
FM: 100

Subject: Service Related

Section -A  50 Marks

1. Define main memory and auxiliary memory. Also explain memory hierarchy. 2+3=5

2. Explain about DOS. Write any four command of DOS. 1+4=5

3. Differentiate between Status Bar and Scroll Bar in word processing application. 5

4. What do you understand by indentation ? Explain various types of indentation. 1+4=5

5. What is meant by relative and absolute cell references in Ms-Excel ? Give examples to illustrate them. 5

6. What is a chart ? Briefly explain various types of charts. 1+4=5

7. What is mail merge ? What are its advantages in word processing ? Write down the steps of applying mail marge with a suitable example. 10

8. Briefly discuss about the use of at least ten basic functions on Electronic Spreadsheet. 10

Section -B  50 Marks

9. How is formatting field data different from validating field data ? Explain. 5

10. What do you mean by table, field and record in database management system ? 5
11. What is a presentation system ? Differentiate between animation and transition in a presentation. 1+4=5

12. Define Routers, Hubs and Switches. 5

13. What is Firewall ? Explain the usages of Firewall. 1+4=5

14. Briefly write about the role of Government Integrated Data Center (GIDC). 5

15. Explain various security mechanisms in detail. 10

16. Describe about the objectives of National Information and Communication Technology Policy 2072. 10

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