Public Service Commission

Gazetted third Class Section officer

Fourth Paper Competitive

Exam Held on 2079-06-30

Time: 3 hours

FM: 100

Subject: Service Related

Section -A

  1. What are the core values of public management? Describe the status of implementation of values and norms of public management in Nepalese public sector. [5+5=10]
  2. Identify existing challenges of Nepal’s Public Administration and suggest recommendations to overcome these challenges. [5+5=10]
  3. Describe the concept of administrative professionalism. What are the aspects that should be focused for enabling professionalism of the people, working in the public sector. [5+5=10]

Section -B

  1. What is public debt? Who mobilizes the public debt? Mention the aspects that need to be kept in mind while mobilizing and utilizing public debt. [5+2+3=10]
  2. Mention the open market operation procedure which is considered as a major instrument of the monetary policy of Nepal Rastra Bank. ls the quantative easing will be the component of the open market operation? [6+4=10]

Section – C

  1. Write in brief the importance and operation procedures of Treasury Single Account (TSA) in government financial transactions. [4+6=10]
  2. Briefly describe the procedure and stages of budget formulations process according to Financial Procedure and Fiscal Accountability Act, 2076, and Financial Procedure and Fiscal Accountability Regulation, 2077. [10]
    • What do you mean by Audit Irregularities. While analyzing the reasons for mounting government audit irregularities, suggest measures to be adopted in settling the audit irregularities. [2+3+5=10]

    Section – D

    1. What do you understand by “federal governance system”? Mention the reasons to adopt federal governance in Nepal state and give suggestions to make this system a success in the Nepalese context. [2+4+4=10]
    2. How the disputes between House of Representative and National Assembly will be settled as per existing system. Describe it in detail. [10]

    The End

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