Public Service Commission

Gazetted third Class Section officer (Judicial Service, Law, Government Lawyer group)  Exam  2080

Second Paper Competitive Written Exam Held on 2080-04-23

Time: 3 hours
FM: 100

Subject: Contemporary Issues

Section -A  30 Marks

  1. What is meant by Distributive Justice of Resources? Explain about the measures to deliver available resources in country up to the marginalized group. (3+7=10)
  2. Highlighting on the main characteristics of contribution based social security scheme in Nepal, describe its importance. (5+5=10)
  3. Explain about various types of cyber crimes. Controlling such crime what should be done to expand the use of Information Technology? present your view with logic. (5+5=10)

Section -B  20 Marks

4. In Nepal, what may be the potential areas of comparative advantages and competitive advantages for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)? In addition narrate the effective measures to attract additional FDI in such potential sectors. (5+5=10)

5. Clearly explain the necessity and rationality of the tree-pillars economic policy adopted by Nepal for the economic development of the country. (10)

Section -C  30 Marks

6. What causes the important role of non-government sector in the development process? Further what should be the role of government to distribute proportionately the benefits of achieved by the involvement of non-government sector? Explain.

7. What contribution does Information Technology( IT) make to ease the daily activities of common citizens? What programs are necessary to make the citizens literate on secured Information Technology? Describe. (4+6=10)

8. To ensure a meaningful participation of citizens in development, what factors should be taken into consideration? Present you opinion. (10)

Section -D  20 Marks

9. What do you mean by Carbon Trade? Describe with suitable illustrations about the problems faced by the causes of climate change. (4+6=10)

10. Write about the bio-diversity of Nepal. Highlight on the efforts made by Nepal government in its conservation. (5+5=10)

——————– The End ——————-

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Question source: Govinda Giri FB page


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