Nepal Army,  has recently published a notice regarding vacancy details on different posts. All the interested candidates can submit the form to attend the competition till 2073/10/11 (with double fee 2073/10/18). To view all the details about quota, number of employees required, where and how to submit the forms and other necessary requirements to apply for the posts which are currently vacant in Nepalese army, please see the following images:

Vacancy details

Download Vacancy Notice

nepal_army_vacancy_2073-9-10_page1 nepal_army_vacancy_2073-9-10_page2 nepal_army_vacancy_2073-9-10_page3 nepal_army_vacancy_2073-9-10_page4 nepal_army_vacancy_2073-9-10_page5 nepal_army_vacancy_2073-9-10_page6 nepal_army_vacancy_2073-9-10_page7 nepal_army_vacancy_2073-9-10_page8 nepal_army_vacancy_2073-9-10_page9


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