Karmachari Sanchaya Kosh has recently published new advertisement for various posts. The details of the syllabus prepared for the written examination of the candidates applying for the various posts mentioned in the advertisement are presented here. Click on the link given below for detailed information and download.

S.N.PostSyllabus Download
1LEVEL 7_ Deputy Manager (IT) Download
2LEVEL 8_Manager (Administration)_INTERNALDownload
3LEVEL 9_ Senior Manager (Administration)_INTERNALDownload
4LEVEL 10_Chief Manager (Administration)_INTERNALDownload
5LEVEL 7_Deputy Manager (IT)_INTERNALDownload
6LEVEL 8_Manager (IT)_INTERNALDownload
7LEVEL 5 – Head Assistant – INTERNAL Download
8LEVEL 6_ Assistant Manager (Administration)_INTERNALDownload
9LEVEL 6_ Assistant Manager (LAW)_INTERNALDownload
10LEVEL 7_ Deputy Manager (Administration)_INTERNALDownload
11LEVEL 7_ Deputy Manager (Financial Analyst)_INTERNALDownload
12LEVEL 7_ Deputy Manager (LAW)_INTERNALDownload
13LEVEL 8_Manager (IT)_OPENDownload
14Qualification for New AppointmentDownload
15LEVEL 6_ Assistant Manager (System)_OPENDownload
16LEVEL 6_ Assistant Manager (Computer Engineer)_OPENDownload
17LEVEL 6_ Assistant Manager (Civil Engineer)_OPENDownload
18LEVEL 9_ Senior Manager (Administration)_OPENDownload
19LEVEL 8_Manager (Administration)_OPENDownload
20LEVEL 7_ Deputy Manager (Financial Analyst)_OPENDownload
21LEVEL 7_ Deputy Manager (CA)_OPENDownload
22LEVEL 7_ Deputy Manager (Administration)_OPENDownload
23LEVEL 6_ Assistant Manager (Law)_OPENDownload
24LEVEL 6_ Assistant Manager (Administration)_OPENDownload
25LEVEL 5_ Head Assistant_OPENDownload
26LEVEL 4_ Assistant_OPENDownload


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