Province Public Service Commission

Madhesh Province, Janakpur

Kharidar 4th level

Written Exam
Date : 2080-02-06

Time: 2 hr 30 min

Full Marks: 100

Paper: Third

Subject: Job Knowledge Related Subject

Section -A       35 Marks

1.  What do you understand by Public Service Delivery? Explain the methodology and medium for Public Service Delivery.  (10)

2. What types of offences are defined as Corruption according to Prevention of corruption act, 2059? Mention. Also give your suggestion to control corruption.         (5+5=10)

3.What are the Vital registration to be registered in Civic life? Write down. (5)

4.Write about the Utility of Electronic governance system for easy service delivery as per customer’s expectations.   (5)

5. Highlight on the Importance of use of Information Technology in office.    (5) 

 Section -B    35 Marks

6. Explain about the Cash based governmental accounting system.     (5)

7. What do you understand by Bank Cash Book? How does account keeping in Bank Cash Book? (5)

8. Write about the Importance of demand from, purchase order and entry report in Inventory Management. (3+3+4=10)

9. Introducing audit write the differences between Internal and Final audit. (2+3=5)

10. What do you mean by financial irregularities? Explain the process of conducting re-examination(re-auding) or financial irregularities.  (10)

Section – C    30 Marks

11. Mentioning the sources of Law, briefly present the process of law formulation in Nepal   (2+3=5)

12. What is meant by the extraordinary jurisdiction of the Supreme Court? According to this provision, what types of orders can the Supreme Court issue? Briefly describe.  (3+7=10)

13. What is meant by Locus Standi? Discussing the legal provisions, make a brief comment on the Locus Standi of private and public interest concerns.        (5+5=10)

14. What are the differences between civil dispute and criminal dispute? What re the features of National Civil code 2074.                (2.5+2.5=5)

     ———— The End ———

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