Public Service Commission

National Human Rights Service, Officer III,

Administrative Officer / Accounts Officer / Human Rights Open (Combined)

Competitive Written Examination for the post of Officer or equivalent

Date:- 2080.05.03
Time: 3 hours
Full Marks:- 100
Paper: First

Subject: Governance and Contemporary Issues

Answers to the following questions, should be written in separate answer sheets according to the Section.

  1. How has the right to information and transparency helped to strengthen governance? Mention with examples. (5)
  2. Analyze the law making process in Nepal by mentioning the sources of law. (4+6=10)
  3. Point out the problems encountered in successfully implementing the federal governance system as envisioned by the Constitution of Nepal and present practical suggestions for solving those problems. (4+6=10)
  1. Highlight the rationale of Citizens Charter and mention its impact on service delivery. (5)
  2. Mentioning the basic characteristics of the government accounting system, point out the challenges seen in the government accounting system of Nepal with examples. (4+6=10)
  3. Define public policy and highlight its role. How can an implementable public policy be formulated? Discuss. (2+2+6=10)
  1. Introducing cultural diversity, how can it be mobilized for building a strong society? write down (5)
  2. Introducing social justice and equality, describe the policies adopted by Nepal to maintain social justice and equality. (4+6=10)
  3. Although foreign aid plays an important role in the development of Nepal, mention the reasons why it could not be implemented satisfactorily. Also, what improvement measures should Nepal adopt to increase its ability to mobilize foreign aid? Give an original presentation. (5+5=10)
  1. Briefly comment on the institutional arrangements related to disaster management in Nepal and their effectiveness in risk reduction. (5)
  2. Discuss the role of non-state actors in the development process. What role should the government play to increase the participation of non-state actors in the development process? make it clear (5+5=10)
  3. Present a reasoned discussion about the effectiveness of policy and structural arrangements adopted for pollution control and waste management in Nepal. (10)


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