Public Service Commission

Non Gazetted First Class Nayab Subba

(Judicial Service)  Exam  2080

Third Paper Competitive Written Exam Held on 2080-06-20

Time: 2.30 hours
FM: 100

Subject: Service Group Related

Section -A  30 Marks

  1. Explain the differences between substantive law and procedural law. (5)
  2. Differentiate between a judicial and quasi-judicial body. (5)
  3. What procedures and practice should be followed while requesting legal opinion? Mention. (5)
  4. Briefly introduce of an Act, Regulation and formation order. (5)
  5. What is meant by Writ Petition? Mention the fundamental elements to be considered while writing a Writ Petition. (3+7=10)

Section -B  40 Marks

6. Write down the functions, duties and powers of a Bench Assistant. (5)

7. As per the legal system of Nepal, explains about the jurisdiction of High Court. (5)

8. What Procedures and practice should be fulfilled while preparing a deed? Clarify. (5)

9. Give an introduction of “Fair Trial”. Also write its principles. (5)

10. Mention the importance of Information Technology in Court Management. (5)

11. What important points should be considered while writing execution portion of a trial court decision? Describe. (5)

12. According to Evidence act, 2031 mention the procedures of “Witness Examination”. In addition, discuss about the importance of “Cross-Examination”. (10)

Section -C  30 Marks

13. What roles should Government Attorney play in write Petition? Explain. (5)

14. Write down the main functions, duties and powers of the Attorney General of Nepal. (5)

15. What are the functions, duties and powers of District Attorney? State. (5)

16. Write down the major rights of the prisoners in Prison. (5)

17. Introducing the criminal cases, describe the procedures of investigation and prosecution of government criminal cases in Nepal. (3+7=10)

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