Lok Sewa Aayog

Nepal Bank Ltd.

3rd Level Gold Tester

Written Exam

Held on 2078-07-14

Paper: First Time: 2 Hour

Full Marks: 100

Subject: GK, Current Affairs, Banking, Management, Accounting and Customer Handling

Section ‘A’: Objective

Multiple Choice                                                20×2=40 Marks

1. What is the name of the coin(money) that king Mandev brought into circulation?

A. Manank          B. Manang          c. Manadev        D. Manankishor

2. Which level of government has jurisdiction over the money and banking sector, as the Constition of Nepal

A. Sangh              B. Province                         c. Local Body      D. All three level common

3. What is the tenure of the Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank?

A. 3 Years            B. 4 Years            C. 5 Years            D. As specified by the Government of Nepal

4. What is the Karat of pure gold?

A. 24      B. 22      C. 24.1   D. 24.2

5. What percentage of share capital does the government of Nepal hold in Nepal Bank Ltd.?

A. 100    B. 81      C. 51      D. 49

6. Upto when has Nepal committed to achieve sustainable development goals?

A. 2030 AD.        B. 2022 AD          C. 2025 AD          D. 2040 AD

7. What is the tenure of Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Bank Limited?

A. 3 Years            B. 4 Years            C. 5 Years            D. 6 Years

8. Since whose regime had circulation of the paper currency (Paper Note) started in Nepal?

A. Juddha Shamsher       B. Padhma Shamsher     C. Mohan Shamsher       D. Subarna Shamsher

9. Which of the following bank and financial institutions can disburse loan in deprived sector?

A. Commercial Bank        B. Development Bank    C. Micro Finance               D. All of above

10. What is the use of gold?

A. to make ornaments   B. To make coins               C.  To make medicine     D. All of the above

11. Who is the current Goernor of Nepal Rastra Bank?

A. Chiranjivi Nepal           B. Maha Prashad Adhikari             C. Dipendera Bahadur  Chhetri   D. Gopal Prasad Kafle

12. Which of the following words indicates the highest purity of gold?

A. Tejabi              B. Chhapawal     C. Kasi   D. Karat

13. Which of the following indicators affects over the lending capacity of commercial Banks?

A. Bank rates      B. Cash reserve ratio       C. Interest rates                D. All of the above

14. Which of the following provisions has been repealed in the current Monetary Police of Nepal Rastra Bank?

A. Credit-deposit ration B. Credit-Capital ratio     C. Capital-Deposit ratio  D. Credit to core capital plus deposit ratio

15. What do we call it, if annual inflation rate is below 3%?

A. Creeping Inflation       B. Walking Inflation         C. Running Inflation         D. Hyper Inflation

16. Whose main responsibility is to manage the education up to secondary level?

A. Federal Government B. Province Government     C. Local Government D. All the above

17. Which mountain is considered base point for Standard Time of Nepal?

A. Gaurishankar          B. Kanchanjangha       C. Mt. Everest             D. Fishtail

18. Since which plan has provery alleviation been considered as the main objective in Nepal?

A. Fifth           B. Seventh       C. Ninth          D. Tenth

19. Currently, how many public enterprise are in existence in Nepal?

A. 40   B. 42   C. 44   D. 46

20. When do a large number of pilgrims grather at Gosainkunda in Rasuwa district?

A. Janai Purnima         B. Dashahara   C. Dashain      D. Maghe Sankranti

Section ‘B’: Subjective                       60 Marks

1. Briefly mention about Know Your Customer (KYC) and its importance.             2.5+2.5=5

2. Mention any five activates which are considered as money laundering as per the provision of Money Laundering Act, 2064.                                    5

3. Mention the provisions related to the punishment for various offenses as per the Banking Offenses and Punishment Act. 2064.                       5

4. What are the important considerations to be made while disbursing gold and silver loan? 5

5. Write about the purity testing methods of gold and silver ornaments.       5

6. What do you mean by Internet and Intranet? Write about the importance of Internet. 2.5+2.5=5

7. What is indexing? What are the things to be considered while preparing indexing? 5

8. What do you mean by Balance Sheet? What are the main componets of Balance Sheet? Why is it essential?            1+1+3=5

9. What do you mean by Bank Cheque? What are the differences between cheque and draft? Clarify.       5

10. Mention the merits and demerits of Double Entry Book Keeping System.         5

11. Briefly mention the major functions of the commercial banks?  5

12. Mention the objectives of Letter and Memo writing and differentiate the writing styles of them.        5

ALL The Best

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