Nepal Government Fully owned company, Nepal Railway Company published the vacancy notices in various posts and level. As the posts required for this Nepal Railway Company Limited have to be filled by the employees through open competition in the contract service, the following minimum qualifications have to be filed within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of publication of this notice.

The online application is invited through Application Link of All the JOB vacancy details of Nepal Railway Company limited are given below.

JOB Vacancy Posts

  1. Section Officer
  2. Legal Officer
  3. Station Manager
  4. Sub Engineer (Electronics and Communication)
  5. Sub Engineer (Electrical)
  6. Chief Administrative Officer
  7. Assistant Station Manager
  8. Accountant
  9. Sub Engineer (Mechanical)
  10. Computer Operator
  11. Cashier
  12. Assistant Ticket Seller
  13. Ticket Collector
  14. Track Inspector (PWI)
  15. Foreman
  16. Electrician
  17. AMIN
  18. ESTMs
  19. Rail Guard
  20. TTE
  21. Gyangman Incharge
  22. Key Man (Civil)
  23. Helper (Mechanical)
  24. Helper (Electrical)
  25. Point man
  26. Gate man
  27. Gyang man
  28. Push Trolley Driver
  29. Office Helper


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