Public Service Commission

Non Gazetted Second Class Kharidar Second paper Exam 2079

Second Paper Competitive Written Exam Held on 2079-09-27

Time: 2 hours 30 Min

FM: 100

Subject: Office Management

Section -A 40 Marks

Write short answers of the following questions

  1. “Systematic communication plays an important role in effective performance.” Elaborate. [5]
  2. Mentioning the importance of specific orders (Tok Aadesh) in office procedures, mention the things to be considered when making specific orders. [5]
  3. Mention the components of report writing. [5]
  4. What are the things to pay attention to while managing the meeting? write [5]
  5. Submit a complete note form with the procedure for deputing the buyer to the Yogjana branch for 3 months in the administration branch of an office.[10]
  6. Highlight the importance of filing in office procedure by mentioning the types of filing. [6+4=10]

    Section B 30 Marks
  7. What are the duties and responsibilities of citizens in public service delivery? write [5]
  8. Mention the economic objectives of the state according to the constitution of Nepal. [5]
  9. Mention the work, duties and powers of the Election Commission while giving an explanation of the Election Commission. [4+6=10]
  10. Briefly mention the works of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration in relation to personnel administration and prepare a form of application to be submitted to the Ministry in the name of Ramkrishna Tamrakar for transfer to the office of his choice. [5+5=10]

    Section – C 30 Marks
  11. It takes 16 days for Rama and 24 days for Hari to do any work. How many days will it take for both of them to complete the work that Ram left alone for 4 days and Hari for 6 days? [5]
  12. If a fraction is subtracted by 1 from the denominator, the new fraction becomes 15/11, so what is the actual fraction? Find out. [5]
  13. Asmita bought 100 eggs for Rs 900 out of which 8 eggs were cracked. If he sells the remaining eggs at Rs 10.50 per drop, what is the percentage profit or loss? [5]
  14. If Lakshmi deposits Rs 12,600 as loan for 2 years at 10 percent interest rate, how much compound interest will she receive? Find out. [5]
  15. 3500 USD will be paid to Hemant. The bank takes 2 percent commission for the currency exchange, so how much Nepalese rupees will be needed to exchange the US dollar? (Note: 1 US dollar is equal to Nepalese rupee 130.)[5]
  16. If two roads 2 m apart cut each other from the middle of the two sides of the importer’s garden of 20 m x 14 m, what is the area of ​​the garden excluding the road? [5]

—– THE END ——

Note: All questions are translated via google Translate.

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