Public Service Commission

Non Gazetted Second Class Kharidar Second paper Exam 2080

Third Paper Competitive Written Exam Held on 2080-08-25

Time: 2 hours 30 Min

FM: 100

Subject: Job Knowledge Related Subject

Section -A 35 Marks

Write short answers of the following questions

1. What is riswat? How has the Prevention of Corruption Act defined it? Mention. 5

2. Explain the concept of E-Governance System and mention its strengths. 5

3. How can the use of information and communication technology in an organization have a positive impact on service delivery? Explain with examples. 5

4. According to the Civil Service Act, 2049 and Rules, 2050, what kind of departmental punishment is there for civil servants? In which case the grounds for removal or dismissal of civil servants are specified? light up 4+3+3=10

5. What is Public Service Delivery? In the context of Nepal, what measures are appropriate to adopt for smooth service delivery? describe 3+7=10

Section – B Marks-35

6. How is the government budget formulated in Nepal? make it clear 5

7. Write the points to be considered while doing internal audit. 5

8. What is Chart of Accounts? What classification does it include? write 5

9. Mention the objectives of public procurement management. Also, under what conditions can goods and services be purchased directly? Explain this type of procurement process. 4+3+3=10

10. According to the Financial Procedures and Financial Accountability Act, 2076, what kind of arrangements have been made regarding financial responsibility, responsibility and accountability? Mention. 10

Section – C Marks-30

11. What types of cases are defined as “civil cases” by the Code of Civil Procedure, 2074? Mention. 5

12. Briefly shed light on the extraordinary jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. 5

13. Differentiating between deadline and date, how long can the expired deadline be extended? Write about the prevailing legal system. 10

14. What is meant by Rule of Law? Why is the rule of law important in public affairs by mentioning its basis or principles? make it clear 2+3+5=10

<<– THE END –>>

Note: All questions are translated via google Translate.

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