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Asst. Computer Operator Exam 2073

Time: 45 minutes

FM: 50

Key: B

Objective Questions (50 x 1 = 50 marks)

Correct Answers are marked as Bold

  1. To select Multiple non-adjacent cells in a worksheet you will click them holding
    A) CTRL key    B) ALT key        C) Shift key      D) Ctrl+Shift key
  2. the formula “=Counta(value1,value2,…….)” counts the number of cells in a range that
    A) are not empty         B) contain numbers     C) empty cells              D) All of the Above
  3. To add the number of cell A2 and A9
    A) sum(A2:A9)              B) Add(A2:A9)   C) Sum(A2 and A9)       D) Sum(A2 to A9)
  4. the result of =2^3-2*2+1 in MS-Excel is
    A) 6    B) 5    C)13    D) 18
  5. when a formatted number does not fit within a cell, it displays
    A) ####     B) #div/0     C)#DIV@    D) None of the above
  6. long text can be displayed in multiple lines in the cell using
    A) Truncate text   B) Enter text     C) Wrap text    D) Next line
  7. In the formula which symbol specified the fixed columns or rows?
    A) $    B)*   c) %  D) &
  8. Which command is used to arrange the number and text?
    a) index   B) formula    C) sort    D) Record
  9. A default header and footer is shown in
    a) Current sheet      B) Alternate sheet    C) Every Sheet   D) None of the above
  10. The minimum and maximum value you can set for Saver Auto Recovery info in Excel are
    A)1 and 120 minutes    B) 0 and 120 minutes   C) 2 and 60 minutes    D) 1 and 10 minutes
  11. The organization or structure of data in a database is called
    A) Database Schema     B) Database Relation   C)Database attribute    D)Database format
  12. A Primary key in any table has the properties
    A) Not Null   B) No Duplicate    C) Both A and B    D) None of the above
  13. Arrange according to the size
    A) Record, Field, Bytes, Bit      B) Bit, Field, Byte, Record
    C) Field, Bytes, Record, Bit      D) Byte, Bit, Record, Field
  14. To insert Pyramid structure in slide which of the following menu is used
    A) Shape   B) Smart Art    C) Special Shape     D) Smart Shape
  15. Which option in PowerPoint can be used to create a new side show with the current side presented in different order
    A) Setup Slide show           B) From Beginning Slid Show
    C) Custom Slide show        D) Release Timing
  16. What kind of processing devices were used in second generation computer?
    A)Microprocessors     B) Vacuum Tubes    C) ICs     D) Transistor
  17. A digital computer is superior to an analog computer is terms of …..
    A) Cost, Speed and space requirements        B) Cost, accuracy and…..
    C) Cost, Speed and Accuracy                            D) None Of the above
  18. DoS Attack means
    A)Disk Operating System Attack       B)Distributed Operating System Attack
    C)Denial of Service Attack                D) Detail of System Attack
  19. A term associated with the comparison of procession speed of different computer system is
    A) EFTS     B) MPG    C) MIPS    D) DPS
    (Helpful Link:
  20. Which of the following is least essential components of computer?
    A) Processor      B) Memory   C) Hard Disk   D) Input/output
  21. Which of the following memories needs refreshing?
    A)SRAM     B) DRAM   C) ROM   D) ALL of the Above
  22. The Delay that occur during the playback of a stream is called
    A) Stream delay    B) Playback Delay    C) Throughout      D) jitter
    (Helpful Link:
  23. The two basic types of record access methods are…….
    A)Sequential and random     B) Sequential and immediate
    C) Direct and Immediate     D) on-line and real time
  24. What is the function of BAT file?
    A) To execute Sequences of commands     B) To enter batch command program
    C) To display System Information             D) None of the above
  25. Which Computer memory is used for storing program and data simultaneously being processed by the CPU?
    A) Mass Memory    B) Internal Memory    C) Non Volatile Memory   D) PROM
  26. What is the standard code the computer industry created to represent characters?
    A) DASI     B) ASSH    C) ASCII    D) BASIC
    (Helpful Link:
  27. If a central office is connected to its branch offices and access from outside world is restricted in that network then it is an example of
    A) Internet     B)Extranet     C) Intranet    D) Present
  28. An error is also known as …….
    A) Bug   B) Debug   C) Cursor    D) Icon
  29. Which output device is used for …………….(प्रश्न बुझिएन)
    A) Card Punch     B) Mouse     C) plotter    D) Touch Pad
  30. The BIOS is an abbreviation of
    A) Basic Input Output System      B) Best Input Output System
    C) Basic Input Output Symbol      D)Base Input Output System
  31. What is the Meaning of “Hibernate” in windows XP/ Windows 7 ?
    A) Restart the computer in Safe Mode
    B) Restart the computer in Hibernate Mode
    C) Shutdown the Computer terminating all the running applications
    D) Shutdown the computer without closing the running application
  32. File management is done in windows using
    A) File Manager    B) file System    C) windows explorer   D) Windows Utility
  33. Which command is used to delete the directory that is empty?
    A) Del *.*    B) RD    C) Erase    D) MD
  34. In which mode windows start with only come drivers and services?
    A) Normal Mode    B) Quick Mode   C) Repair Mode    D) Safe Mode
  35. Which command is used to establish a link between a source document and a destination document?
    A) Tools, link, documents      B)Tools, Link   C) Edit, Link     D) Edit, Paste Special
  36. Which of the following is shortcut key for “CUT”?
    A) Ctrl+C    B) Ctrl+X   C) Ctrl+V   D) Ctrl+Z
  37. Which features is used for monitoring all documents changes?
    A) Edit document   B) Monitor change  C) Track Change    D) Track all
  38. By Clicking “My Computer” and selecting “Properties” you can
    A) See Basic Computer configuration
    B) See name and domain of computer
    C) See basic information about Operating System
    D) All of the above
  39. When a hyperlink is created word formats the web address as …….
    A) Italicized and colored red      B) Italicized and colored Blue
    C) Underlined and colored red   D) Underlined and colored blue
  40. Which is not related to the size of paper?
    A) Executive     B) Exclusive    C) Legal    D) A3
  41. Transparent image or text used to protect the document from being copied is known as
    A) Water sign   B) Water Mark    C) Foot Mark    D) Italics

Thank you  Janak Dhami  for providing questions.



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