Province Public Service Commission

Province 1, Biratnagar

Local Level Officer 6th level

Written Exam
Date : 2079-07-18

Time: 3 hr

Full Marks: 100

Paper: Second

Subject: Governance System and contemporary issues

Section-A                     30 Marks

1 Highlight the concept of national security management. Also describe the problems and challenges in national security management of Nepal.      [5+5=10]

2. Explain the sources of law. Describe the law-making process in Nepal.     [5+5]

3. “The Federal parliament plays an important role in the implementation of the constitution of Nepal”. Confirm this statement.

Section –B        20 Marks

4. Mentioning about the citizen’s charter, explain the mandatory elements to be mentioned in the citizen’s charter.    [10]

5. Highlight the importance of training for human resource development. What measures should be adopted to make the training more effective? Give some practical suggestions.   [4+6=10]

Section –C      30 Marks

6. How do you see the relationship between economic development and social justice? Can it be said that there is economic development when there is economic growth? Mention your arguments.  [5+5=10}

7. What is migration? Mention the major trends of migration in our country and describe the effects of migration on the development process in our country   [10]

8. “Nepal can be an attractive destination for Foreign Direct Investment”. Please present your logic on this statement based n the challenges and prospects of Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal.     [5+5]

Section-D         20 Marks

9. What arrangements have been made regarding the participation of citizens in the development of Nepal? What should be done to make meaningful citizenship participation?       [4+6=10}

10. Explain the effects and impacts of climate change in Nepal. How can Nepal take advantage from carbon trade? Give suggestions.

——- The End ——

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