Public Service Commission

Gazetted third Class Section officer (Judicial Service, Law, Government Lawyer group)  Exam  2075

Second Paper Competitive Written Exam Held on 2075-11-17

Time: 3 hours

FM: 100

Subject: Contemporary Issues

Section -A

  1. What do you mean by cultural diversity and social mobilization? Write down the present situation of cultural diversity in Nepal (5+5)=10
  2. Why corruption is not control in Nepal? Give your own suggestions to control corruption effectively. (5+5)=10
  3. What do you mean by migration? Give your analytical comments on its advantages and disadvantages. (5+5)=10

Section -B

  1. Identify obstacles of direct foreign investment in Nepal. Give suggestions to overcome these obstacles. (4+6)=10
  2. Identify the role of private sector in the economic development of Nepal. Suggest necessary police measures to encourage private sector as a development actors. (4+6) =10

Section -C

  1. Give your views on “Infrastructure development is the backbone of economic development” also discuss the hindrances of infrastructure development in developing countries like Nepal. (5+5)=10
  2. How do you explain inter-relationship between Globalization and Development? Give your suggestion to minimize adverse effect of globalization in Nepal (5+5) =10
  3. Why non-governmental organization need to be participated as partner institutions in development? What are its strengths and weaknesses? (5+5) = 10

Section -D

  1. Give reasons of environmental degradation. Is forest development an important solution to maintain balance on environment? Justify your answer (4+6)=10
  2. Give brief introduction of disaster management cycle. Which disaster management stage is crucial for Nepal, why? 10




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