Public Service Commission

Gazetted third Class Section officer (Judicial Service, Law, Government Lawyer group)  Exam  2075

Third Paper Competitive Written Exam Held on 2075-11-17

Time: 3 hours

FM: 100

Subject: Contemporary Law and Practices

Section -A

  1. What do you mean by Environmental Justice? Describe its necessity and the role played by Nepali judiciary to ensure the right to Environmental justice to the Nepali people. (3+7)=10
  2. What is victim’s Justice System? Describe analytically comment about the constitutional and legal provisions to enhance victim’s justice in Nepal. (3+3+4)=10
  3. Define ‘organized Crime’ and mention its nature in brief    (5)

Section -B

  1. What do you mean by Multilateral Treaty? Explain the steps of Multilateral Treaty making Process. (3+7)=10
  2. Write the efforts made to the Protection and Preservation of Intellectual Property in Nepal and what type of legal and practical reforms are needed to protect Intellectual Property? Suggest.(4+6) =10
  3. What are the Province Legislative Procedures mentioned in the Constitution of Nepal? State.   (5)

Section -C

  1. What do you meant by Investigation of Government cases? Explain the role of prosecutors in investigating government cases and prove that investigation and prosecution are not independent acts but complementary to each other. (2+3+5)=10
  2. Mention general principles of Criminal justice and write how those principles are being applied in law and practice in Nepal? (5+5) =10
  3. What db you mean by bail and remand? Briefly mention the legal provisions relating to bail and remand in Nepal. (2+3) = 5

Section -D

  1. What are the objectives of New Judicial Council Act, 2073? And suggest what type of roles can be played by the judicial council to make reforms in the judiciary of Nepal? Critically explain.10
  2. What are differences between an administrative decision and a
    judicial judgment? Discuss the matters to be stated in a judicial judgment. 10
  3. What is cross examination? Why is cross examination done? Mention. 5




<< The End >>




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