Public Service Commission

Gatz. Third Class

Sociologist Exam 2073

Second Paper


Time: 3 hr

Full Marks: 100

Section -A     (3 x 10=30)

  1. Define ‘world system theroy’ and explain Nepal’s position of capitalist development by using this theory.
  2. Compare and contrast between ” trickle-down’ and Buttom-up” development models focusing on the current practices of Nepal?
  3. Write an essay on ” the facilitation role of sociologist/anthropologist” in the development of Nepal.

Section -B  (2 x 10=2)

  1. How do you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of current debates on ‘inclusion’ and ‘exclusion’ in Nepal?
  2. “Regional autonomy and federalism in Nepal may cause national disintegration. ” Furnish your logic either in support or against this statement.

Section -C (3 x 10=30)

  1. Analyze the function of training in planning project implementation and management.
  2. Discuss on shifts of development strategies followed in the history of planned development in Nepal.
  3. “Community-Based organizations (CBOs) are proven to be more functional for sustainable development in the Third world countries.” Critically examine this statement.

Section -D  (2 x 20=20)

  1. Define  “Planned development” and discuss the key features of “Sustainable development” and “decentralized development.”
  2. Write short notes on the following
    1. Millennium Development Goal.
    2. Necessity for state restructuring in Nepal.


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