Public Service Commission conducted the examination for the post of Computer Operator under Nepal Federal Parliament Service, Information Technology Group on 2080.06.07. The questions asked in the second paper (service related work-knowledge) of the examination are presented here for information. I hope this old question will help my friends a lot in preparation.

Public Service Commission

Computer Operator Exam  2080

Competitive Written Exam Held on 2080-06-07

Time: 2 hr 15 min

FM: 100

Paper: Second

Subject: Service Related

Section – A 50 Marks

  1. Provide a brief account of the hardware components used in a computer system. (5)
  2. Explain various types of Operating System. (5)
  3. Mention the functions of Operating System. (5)
  4. What do you mean by mail merge in MS-Word processing ? Write down the advantages of using mail merge in word processing. (5)
  5. Compare and contrast between Absolute Cell Referencing and Relative Cell Referencing in electronic spreadsheet. (5)
  6. Defining database, write down the various services provided by DBMS. (5)
  7. Provide a description of any ten functions available in electronic spreadsheet application. (5)
  8. What is a software ? Discuss about different types of Software. (2+8)=10

    Section -B 50 Marks

  9. What is presentation system ? Explain its advantages and features. (5)
  10. How can social media be utilized by any government organization in service delivery ? Explain. (5)
  11. What is network topology ? State the different types of topology. (5)
  12. What is Digital Signature ? What are its applications ? (5)
  13. How do You troubleshoot network connectivity problem ? Explain. (5)
  14. List out any five goals of ICT Policy, 2072. (5)
  15. What is a cyber-crime ? Outline the major computer-related crime defined by Electronic Transaction Act and also mention the provision of punishment. (3+7)=10
  16. Define IP Address. Explain the role of subnet mark in IP Addressing. When is static address assignment preferred over dynamic address assignment and vice versa ? (3+4+3)=10

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