Public Service Commission

Gazetted third Class Section officer Exam  2070

Third Paper Competitive Written Exam Held on 2070-12-21

Time: 3 hours
FM: 100

Subject: Contemporary Issues

Answer the following questions.
The answer to each section should be written in a separate answer book. Otherwise the answer sheet will be cancelled.

Section -A  30 Marks

  1. Mentioning the reasons for the increase in corruption in Nepal, what measures should be taken to control corruption? Give your suggestion. 10
  2. Introducing social conflict, what do you find to be the main sources and causes of social conflict in Nepal? discuss 10
  3. What are the causes of population growth? Consider the effects of population growth on the nation. 10

Section -B  20 Marks

  1. What is meant by foreign investment? Discuss the relationship between economic development and foreign investment. 10
  2. Confirm that there is an interdependent relationship between poverty and unemployment. 10

Section -C  30 Marks

  1. Consider the concept of collaboration between the government and the private sector for development. How do you see the future of this concept in Nepal? 10
  2. On sustainable environmental dimensions and natural resources in underdeveloped countries
    How can the dependence be reconciled? discuss 10
  3. Discuss in detail the role of state and decentralization in the development process of Nepal. 10

Section -D  20 Marks

  1. What are the social and economic implications of the energy crisis in Nepal? Suggest effective measures to be taken to promote alternative but environmentally friendly sources of energy in the country. 10
  2. What is climate change? Mention the effects of climate change and the measures to be taken to reduce those effects. 10

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