Public Service Commission

Gazetted third Class Section officer Exam  2072

Third Paper Competitive Written Exam Held on 2071-12-19

Time: 3 hours
FM: 100

Subject: Contemporary Issues

Answer the following questions.
The answer to each section should be written in a separate answer book. Otherwise the answer sheet will be cancelled.

Section -A  30 Marks

  1. Explain the concept of social protection and explain its relationship with the concept of social protection and social security. 10
  2. How is the word “refugee” defined according to the international convention? Explain and write about Bhutanese refugee management in Nepal. 3+7=10
  3. What is “investment in terrorism”? To discourage such illegal activities, what kind of provisions have been arranged at the national and international level? Make it clear. 3+7=10

Section -B  20 Marks

  1. What do you understand by economic diplomacy? How important is it in Nepal’s foreign policy? Give your opinion 5+5 = 10
  2. On the basis of priority, identify three important economic aspects for the rapid development of Nepal and write a logical answer to confirm it with facts and figures. 10

Section -C  30 Marks

  1. “Devolution gives the lower level maximum freedom in decision-making.” Give your opinion on this statement. 10
  2. Provide information regarding development issues and challenges in Nepal. 10
  3. In which areas of development can organizations outside the state be more effective than the government? Give your suggestions with facts and examples. 10

Section -D  30 Marks

  1. Nepal is currently facing the biggest energy crisis. What alternative measures should be adopted to reduce the energy crisis? Present it point by point. 10
  2. Write about national and international efforts to promote environment-friendly sustainable development. 10

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