Public Service Commission

Gazetted third Class Section officer Exam  2080

Fourth Paper Competitive Written Exam Held on 2080-04-27

Time: 3 hours
FM: 100

Subject: Service Related Subject

Section -A  30 Marks

  1. Write the various stages of decision making process. What factors should be considered during the decision making process for the achievement of best possible outcome ? Narrate. ( 5+5=10)
  2. Review the reform efforts of public administration and its achievement after adoption of federal governance system in Nepal. Explain the ways of reform to make public administration more result oriented and accountable. (5+5=10)
  3. Why is management audit necessary and important for public entities? According to the prevailing legal provisions, in which areas and subject matters should we concentrated while conducting management audit of public entities in Nepal ? What are the challenges in enhancing the performance of public entities through effective management audits ? State clearly. (3+4+3=10)

Section -B  20 Marks

4. “Public debt management policy has to run in harmony with the monetary management of the country”. Do you agree with this statement ? Give answer with reasons. (10)

5. Describe briefly about the structural constraints of revenue system that hinder the ability to collect revenue efficiently and effectively in Nepal. In addition, identifying the major areas of revenue leakage, what should be done to address them. Give suggestions. (5+5=10)

Section -C  30 Marks

6. Showing the importance of reporting in public financial management as per provisioned in Financial Procedure and Fiscal Accountability Rules, mention about the financial statement and reporting. (4+6=10)

7. Clarifying the differences between cash and accrual based accounting system, what legal and procedural provisions are needed to adopt accrual based accounting system in government entities ? Write down. (5+5=10)

8. Briefly discussing the current legal provisions regarding the audit of local level bodies, what improvements should be made to enhance the fiscal accountability ? Present your views. (5+5=10)

Section -D  20 Marks

9. From the point of view of check and balance, explain the interrelationship among parliament, parliamentary committees and constitutional bodies. (10)

10. Mention the role and importance of opposition in Parliament. Whether the role of opposition in the federal parliament of Nepal is effective or not, present your opinion with justification. (5+5=10)

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