Public Service Commission, Central Office, Kamalpokhri, Advertisement for Open and Inclusive Competitive Written Examination for Civil Service Gazetted Third Class (Non-Technical).

As civil service open and inclusive posts in the following services, groups, sub-groups and categories have to be filled through competitive examination; Applications are invited from candidates who meet the qualifications as per below. Candidates who meet the specified minimum qualifications should apply through the commission’s online application system

JOB Vacancy Post Details: Officer Adhikrit Rajpatranikit Third Class- (Sanghiye Nijamati Sewa)

Service: Pararastra, Prasasan, Rajashwo Revenue, Nyaye Judicial, Kanun Law, Accountant Lekha, Human Rights

Last Date To Apply: 2080 Poush 17

Last date to apply with Double Fee: 2080 Poush 24

Type of Examination:- Written, Skill Test, Group Test and Interview.

Age Limit: 21 years of age up to and not exceeding 35 years of age and in case of women and disabled candidates not exceeding 40 years of age. There will be no age limit for permanent civil servants in the civil service and permanent employees of the National Human Rights Commission in the posts of the National Human Rights Service.

Method and place of submission :-Application Through the online application system of the Commission, cash can also be paid directly from the specified bank or by printing a bank voucher with the Master ID and transaction reference number. Apply Online from here

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