Public Service Commission

Gazetted third Class Section officer Exam  2080

Third Paper Competitive Written Exam Held on 2080-01-31

Time: 3 hours

FM: 100

Subject: Contemporary Issues

Section -A      30 Marks

1.  Define the term “Refugee” as per international standard. Mentioning about the refugee problem in Nepal, what strategies should Nepal adopt to solve this problem? Write down.  (3+4+3=10)

2. Discussing of the theoretical concepts of social justice, describe the provision related to social justice in Nepal.  (5+5=10)

3.What is meant by social mobilization? Mention the arrangements made regarding social mobilization in Nepal. What would be the suitable measures to make more effective? Write down. (2+3+5=10)

Section -B    20 Marks

4. Clarifying the meaning of economic diplomacy, how could economic diplomacy be made more effective to attract foreign direct investment in Nepal? Mention the measures.     (2+8=10)

5. What is the difference between economic growth and economic development? Clarify the existing policy of Nepal Government regarding economic growth and economic development. (10)

Section – C    30 Marks

6. Mentioning the major elements of Human Development Index (HDI) published every year by UNDP, elucidate about the current situation of Nepal.   (5+5=10)

7. Identifying the main barriers of devolution of power in Nepal, present the appropriate measures for effective devolution of power.          (5+5=10)

8. Give an introduction of Sustainable Development. What should Nepal do to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 AD? Write down.        (4+6=10)

Section – D       20 Marks

9. Highlight about the inter-relationship between environment and development. How can we maintain balance between environment and development with example. (4+6=10)

10. Especially in big cities of Nepal, solid waste management has become a serious problem. What are the problems occurred in solid waste management? Suggest to manage the solid waste properly.  (5+5=10)

     ———— The End ———

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Question Source : Govinda Giri Facebook Page


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