Public Service Commission conducted the examination for the post of Computer Operator of Social Security Fund (SSF) on 2081-02-02 B.S. The questions asked in the second paper (service related work-knowledge) of the examination are presented here for information. I hope this old question will help you in preparation.

Public Service Commission

Social Security Fund

Ast. Level 4th

Computer Operator Exam  2081

Competitive Written Exam Held on 2081-02-02

Time: 1 hr 15 min

FM: 50

Paper: Subjective

Subject: Service Related

Section – A Subjective 50 Marks

1. Explain the role of Arithmetic Logic Unit and Memory Unity and their Interaction within a CPU architecture. (1+1+1+2=5)

2. What is a computer program? What are different generations of programming languages? Explain (1+4=5)

3. Describe the major function of an operating system. (5)

4. What is the function of control panel in windows operating system? Explain the process of uninstalling a program in windows. 2+3=5

5. Describe three key features of a word processing program that enhance document formatting and presentation. Provide examples of how each feature can be utilized to improve the appearance and readability of a document . 3+2=5

6. How does the mail merge feature in word processing software facilitate the creation of personalized documents such as letters, envelopes or labels? Also, explain the step-by-step procedures for conduction a successful mail merge operation , including data source selection and document customization. 2+3=5

7. State any four data types used in a spreadsheet. Describe the terms operator, operands and Operation as used in computer environment. 2+3=5


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