Province Public Service Commission

Karnali Provance

Bibidh Service, 4th level,

Asst. Computer Operator

Open Competition, Written Exam 2080

Held on 2080-02-08

Phase: First

Subject: Computer related

Time: 45 min

Full Marks: 50

All correct answer are mark as Bold

Part -A : Objective Questions       35×1=35

1.  What is the cell address for a cell in 4th row and 3rd column

A) C4     B) 4D    C) 3D      d) D3

2. The process of arranging the items of a column in some sequence or order is known as…………

A) Sorting            B) Filtering          C) Pivoting          D) Forecasting

3.  ……………………. Is getting data from a cell in different sheet.

A) Referencing B) Functioning   C) Updating        D) Accessing

4. Which of the following represents absolute cell reference?

A) B3      B) $B$3                 C) B$3   D) $B3

5. Which of the following is not a logical operator?

A) >=     B) <=     c) =         D) +

6. Which chart would be better to track the progress of the stock market on a daily basis?

A) Pie Chart        B) Row Chart      C) Line Chart      D) Column Chart

7. In electronic spreadsheet, sum, average, min and Max are examples of ………..

A) Function        B) Calculations   C) Formulas        D) Expressions

8. To highlight only cells in a range having a greater than or less than a specific value, we can use ……….

A) Data validation            B) What-if analysis           C) Conditional formatting            D) Consolidate

9) Which of the following is not the data type in MS Access?

A) Number          B) Data                 C) Text                  D) Identifier

10. Which of the command can be used to modify a column in a table?

A) Alter                 B) Update           C) set    D) create

11. In Ms Access, you can use a ………….. to answer a simple question, to perform calculations to combine data from the different tables, or even to add, change or delete table data.

A) Query              B) Form                 C) Pivot Chart     D) Report

12. A search value in SQL query can be a specific value or it can be……….

A) Comparison Operator               B) Logical Operator         C) Relationship  D) Wild card character

13. You want to create a new presentation by selecting ready-made font color and graphics what do you use?

A) Base Template             B) Master Slide Theme  C) Design Template        D) Master Template

14. Which PowerPoint view displays each slide of the presentation as a thumbnail and is useful for rearranging slides?

A) Slide Master B) Slide Show    C) Slider Sorter  D) Notes Page

15. On which of the following, the animation is applied?

A) Slides               B) Objects           C) Views              D) Designs

16. Boot Sequence is changed form……

A) Setting            B) Control Panel               C) Task Bar          D) BIOS

17) Text is captured by scanner with ………….

A) Keyboard       B) Mouse            C) Input Hardware           D) Optical character recognition

18. What is the address given to a computer connected to a network is called?

A) Network Address       B) Routing Address         C) DNS Address                 D) IP Address

19. …………………… is a collection of data, programs, procedures, routines and instructions that tell a computer of electronic device how to run, work and execute specific task.

A) Hardware       B) Network         C) Software        D) System

 20. Which of the following is valid encoding format?

A) UTF-1               B) UTF-A              C) UTF-8               D) UTF-10

21. Which of the following is a light sensitive device that converts drawings, printed text of other images into digital form?

A) Keyboard       B) Plotter             C) Scanner          D) OMR

22. ……………… is a type of software that is embedded directly into a piece of Hardware.

A) Firmware       B) Cache              C) Operating System       D) Middleware

23. ………………… is the ration of the horizontal length to the vertical length in Monitor.

A) Aspect Ratio B) Contrast         C) Resolution     D) Interlacing

24. What does a collection of hyperlinked documents on the internet from?

A) World Wide Web (WWW)     B) E-mail System              C) Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)  D) Intranet

25. A ……………… is a network security device that monitors and filters incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a organization’s previously established security policies.

A) Switch             B) Firewall          C) Router             D) Server

26. Which statement is False regarding the recycle bin?

A) You can find deleted files in recycle bin.

B) You can restore any file in recycle bin if you ever need.

C) You can increase free space of disk by sending files in recycle bin.

D) You can right click and choose empty recycle bin to clean it at once.

27. In DOS, which command is used to clear the screen and display the prompt?

A) Clear B) Erase                C) CLS    D) Flush

28. Which windows feature lists the applications running on your computer?

A) Disk Defragment         B) Disk Monitor C) Program and feature D) Task Manager

29. Indentation in computer word processing is used to…………..

A) Make the test readable           B) change the paragraph color    C) Apply border around text        D) change line spacing

30. Which of the following is not necessary to perform a mail-merge operation?

A) Main Document          B) word fields   C) data source   D) Merge fields

31. Which of the following is printed at the bottom of each page?

A) Footer             B) Footmark       C) Foot Set          D) Bottom Section

32. TO assign a name to a specific location in a document we use……..

A. GoTO               B) Pagesetup     C) Bookmark      D) Macro

33. Portrait and Landscape are…….

A) Page Sizes      B) Page Orientations      C) Page Layouts                 D) Page Setups

34. Word wrap feature……………………

A) Sets text inside the fixed margin

B) Appears at the bottom of the document.

C) Marks the paragraph center

D) Applies border around text

35. Which key is used to check for spelling and grammar?

A) F3      B) F5      C) F7      D) F9

Part – B: Subjection Questions   3×5=15 Mark

  1. Briefly explain common security threats in computer system.  (5)
  2. What is an operating system? Explain in details the function of an operating system.  (1+4=5)
  3. Briefly explain about any five built-in functions in MS-Excel. (5)

—— Good Luck ——-


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