Solved question paper of PSC Asst. Computer Operator 2078


Public Service Commission

Asst. Computer Operator Exam  2078

Competitive Written Exam Held on 2078-08-03

Time: 45 minutes

FM: 50

Key: D

Objective Questions (50 x 1 = 50 marks)

Correct Answers are Marked as Bold

1. Which key is used to select all the text in the document?

A) Ctrl+T               B) Ctrl+A              C) Ctrl+F               D) Ctrl+N

2. What is the short cut key to open the thesaurus windows?

A) Ctrl+ F7           B) F7      C) Alt+F7              D) Shift+F7

3. What is the shortcut key to start presentation from current slide?

A) F5      B) Alt+F5              C) Ctrl+F5            D) Shift+F5

4. Which view in PowerPoint is used to enter speaker comment?

A) Slide sorter view         B) Presentation view      C) Normal View                 D) Notes Page View

5. The formulas in Excel start with:

A) %       B) =        C) +        D) –

6) Macros are “run” or executed from the …….. menu.

A) Insert               B) Format            C) Tools                                D) Data

7) The Greater Than sign (>) is an example of ….. Operator.

A) arithmetic      B) Logical             C) Conditional    D) greater

8) What pivot table toolbar button updated the data in a pivot table or pivot chart report id the source data has changed?

A) Format report              B) Pivot table     C) refresh Data  D) Show detail

9) What happen when you press CTRL+X after selection some cell in Excel?

A) The content of selected cells disappear from cell and stored in clipboard

B) The cells selected are marked for cutting

C) The selected cells are deleted and the cells are shifted left

D) The selected cells are deleted and cells are shifted up

10. When integrating word and excel, word is usually the

A) server              B) Client              C) source             D) none of the above

11. When creating a vertical page break?

A) The active cell must be in row 1           B) The active cell must be A1

C) The active cell must be in row 10          C) The active cell must be in a column A

12. Which keyboard shortcut in MS-Excel opens the GO TO dialog box?

A) F2      B) F5      C) Ctrl+B              D) Ctrl +H

13. Operations on text are performed by

A) financial functions      B) logical functions          C) Data functions              D) string functions

14) Red triangle at the top right corner of a cell indicated

A) There is an error in the cell     B) There is a comment associated with the cell

C) The font color of the text in cell is rea D) The cell can’t accept formula

15) What does COUNTA() function do?

A) Counts cell having alphabets B) Counts empty cells

C) Counts cell having number      D) Counts non-empty cells

16. What is the short cut key to highlight the entire column?

A) Ctrl+ C             B) Ctrl+ Enter     C) Ctrl+ Page Up                               D) Ctrl+ Space bar

17) Analog computer works on the supply of

A) continuous electrical pulsed B) electrical pulsed but not continuous

C) magnetic strength      D) none of the above

18. Chief component of first generation computer was

a) Transistors     B) vacuum tubes              C) integrated circuits       D) none of the above

19. Actual execution of instructions in a computer takes place in ……

A) ALU  B) control Unit   C) storage unit   D) none of the above

20. ….. is the address of computer connected to a network.

A) System address           B) SYSID               C) Process ID      D) IP address

21. …….is the capability to continue as if nothing has happened, even after a major component failure.

A) Redundancy B) Interoperability           C) Fault tolerance            D) Backup

22. The fifth layer of OSI Model is responsible for:

A) decide which physical path the data will take

B) ensure that the data is in usable format

C) transmit data using transmission protocols including TCP and UDP

D) maintain connections and responsible for connecting ports and sessions

23. The list of coded instruction is called

A) Computer program    B) algorithm      C) Flowchart       d) utility programs

24. The two basic types of record access method are….

A) Sequential and random           B) sequential and indexed

C) direct and immediate                D) on line and real time

25. In the IBM PC-AT, what do the words AT stand for

A) additional terminals  B) advance technology  C) applied technology    D) advanced terminology

26. Cache memory…….

A) helps to store more data in hard disk B) placed between main memory and microprocessor

C) stores data permanently         D) hold last time visited website only

27. Where does a computer add a compare data?

A) Hard disk        B) Floppy disk    C) CPU chip         D) Memory chip

28. Microprocessor was introduced in which generation of computer?

A) First generation           B) Second generation     C) Third generation         D) Fourth generation

29. Algorithm and Flow chart help us to

A) Know the memory capacity    B) Identify the base of the number system

C) Direct the output to a printer                D) Specify the problem completely and clearly

30. Which of the following is used as a primary storage device?

A) Magnetic drum            B) PROM              C) Floppy Disk    DO All of the above

31) If a process fails, most operating system write the error information to a ……

A) Log file           BO another running process        C) new file           D) none of the above

32. To access the services of operating system, the interface is provided by the:

A) system calls B) API    C) Library             D) assembly instructions

33. Maximum length of DOS command using any optional parameter is

A) 26 characters                B) 87 characters                C) 127 Characters             DO none of the above

34. FAT stands for

A) File Accomodation Table          B) File Access Tape          C) File Allocation Table D) File Activity Table

35. RESTORE command is used to

A) Restore files from disks made using the BACKUP command

B) Restore files which are deleted.

C) Restore files from recycle bin

D) Restore files which are deleted recently

36. This option allows you to build a new table by entering data directly into the datasheet

A) Datasheet views            B) design view   C) link table        D) none of the above

37. Microsoft Access is a

A) RDBMS           B) OODBMS        C) ORDBMS        D) Network database model

38. Which of the following database object produces the final result to present?

A) Forms              B) Reports           C) Queries           D) Table

39. If you want to keep track of different editions of a document which features will you use?

A) Editions           B) Versions         C) Track change                D) All of the above

40. Gutter position can be set in following positions

A) Left and right                B) Left and top                  C) left and bottom           D) Left only

41.  What color are grammar errors?

A) Yellow             B) Red                   C) Green              D) Blue

42. What is watermark feature of MS Word?

A) A password protection sign    B) A water sign on the document

C) A graphic displayed as the background             D) None of the above

43. A test in a document cannot be aligned in the following way:

A) center             B) left                    C) right                 D) top

44. What is the shortcut key for manual line break?

A) CTRL+ Enter  B) Alt+ Enter       C) Shift+ Enter   D) Space+ Enter

45.  Which of the following is not a font style?

A) Bold  B) Italics               C) Regular           D) Superscript

46. Which of the following line spacing is invalid?

A) Single               B) Double            C) Triple               D) Multiple

47. The normal /default orientation for printing in a word document is:

A) portrait           B) Vertical           C) horizontal      DO Landscape

48. What feature helps you to insert the contents of the clipboard as test without any formatting in MS Word?

A) Page setup    B) Style                 C) Paste special                                 D) Format Painter

49. Form which menu you can insert Header and Footer?

A) Insert menu  B) View Menu   C) Format Menu               D) Tools Menu

50. Which enables us to send the same letter to different persons?

A) Macros            B) Template       C) Mail Merge                   D) Indent

—– The End —–


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