Public Service Commission

Level 5 Computer Operator

  Exam  2080

Subjective Competitive Written Exam Held on 2080-08-24

FM: 75

Subject: Subjective

Section -B  25 Marks

1. What is computer? Differentiate between Analog and Digital Computer. 1+4=5

2. What are workbook, Worksheet and workspace? Explain with Example. 5

3. Briefly explain the data types supported by MS-Access. 5

4. What is presentation system? Differentiate between animation and transition in a presentation. 1+4=5

5. write vision and any four strategies of ICT Policy of Nepal 2072. 1+4=5

Section -C  50 Marks

6. Differentiate between Firmware and Cache Memory. Discuss the ways of securing computer system against security threats. 5+5=10

7. What is an operating System? Explain its function in details. 2+8=10

8. How is indentation different from Page Margin> Explain. What are the deferent types of indentation that can be used in a document? Write the steps to indent a paragraph in MS-Word application. 3+4+3=10

9. Write HTML codes to design the following table

Marks Sheet

Roll No.NameEnglishMathScience
1001Krishna Prasad Neupane556677
1002Hari Prasad Sharma707055
1003Shyam Bahadur Chhetri668065

10. What is Public Procurement? Briefly explains different procurement methos mentioned in The Public Procurement Act, 2063. 2+8=10

— The End —



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