Public Service Commission

Gatzed third Class Section officer

Sociologist/Anthropologist Exam  2073

First Paper Competitive Written Exam Held on 2073-11-4

Time: 1 hours 15 minutes

FM: 100

Objective Questions (100 x 1 = 100 marks)

Correct Answers are Marked as Bold

  1.  Research ethics suggests:
    B) Like to do research as one whishes
    C) Protecting the privacy of informants while doing research
    D) Not to say anything to informants
  2. The best methods in social research are:
    A)Qualitative method                                        B) Quantitative method
    C) Mixed Method                                           D) None of the above
  3. Dependent variable is:
    A) A case in research                                         B) Conclusion in research
    C) Effect in  research                                         D) Unit of analysis in research
  4. Which of the following statement is true?
    A) There is reciprocal relationship between theory and research
    B) There is no relationship between theory and research
    C) We cannot deduce good hypothesis from prevailing theroires
    D) All scientific social theories are untestable
  5. An exploratory research design:
    A) Testes hypothesis                                                    B) Does not test hypothesis
    C) Helps generate testable hypothesis          D) Does not help generate testable hypothesis
  6. Social stratification is the:
    A) Hierarchically organized structure of social inequality existent in any society.
    B) Absence of inequalities
    C) Proliferation of equality
    D) Absence of social hierarchies
  7. Which theory emphasizes the statement that “Stratification is a functional prerequisite for all societies”
    A) Functionalist theory                          B) Conflict theory
    C) Symbolic interactionism                          D) Cognitive theory
  8. Social stratification is the determinant of
    A) Social equalities                                         B) Social equities
    C)Social Development                             D) Life chances of human beings
  9. Caste-stratified society emphasizes:
    A)Achieved status                                        B) Ascribed Status
    C) Non-structural social mobility            D) Structural mobility
  10. Gender inequalities are more pronounced in:
    A)Capitalistic society with equality of opportunities
    B)Traditional feudal society characterized by caste system
    C) Primitive hunting -gathering society with relative egalitarian principle
    D) Pastoral society with relative egalitarian principle
  11. Rising caste/ethnicity awareness has raised the following issues in Nepal:
    A) Social inclusion/exclusion           B) Gender main streaming
    C) Federalism                                               D) All of the above
  12. The theory of ‘economic determinism’. Which also focused an social class as social stratification was developed by:
    A) Talcott Parsons       B) Max Weber         C) Karl Marx     D) Hegel
  13. The pioneers in the theory of social stratification are:
    A)Karl Marx         B) Max Weber         C) Talcott parsons        D) All of the above
  14. High gender differences in Nepal are observed in the following groups
    A) Bhotiya        B) Newar               C) Hill Brahmin and Chhetry             D) Maithil groups of the tarai
  15. Which of the following is related to the concept of race?
    A) Biological       B) Political     C) Cultural     D) Ec


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