1.Who is the mountaineer who has set the world record by climbing Mt Everest the most times?

  • Kamirita Sherpa

2. According to the economic and financial status report of the first nine months of the public financial year 2080/81 by Nepal Rastra Bank on 30th May 2081, what percentage has the remittance inflow increased by this period?

  • 19.8 percent

3. When was the second youth conference of Bagmati Province completed?

  • 2081 Baisakh 28-30, Hetauda

4. Since when has the Integrated Customs Checkpoint (ICP) at Nepalgunj checkpoint been operational?

  • May 24, 2081

5. When was the Sipp Mela started in Tundikhel, Kathmandu by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City?

  • 2081 Baisakh 21 (operating till June 19)

6. When was the irrigation tunnel under the Sunkoshi-Marin diversion multipurpose project of national pride (break through)?

  • May 26, 2081

7. Make in Nepal: When is the Swadeshi Conference 2024 completed?

  • May 25, 2081

8. How many member states of Nepal Global Green Growth Institute (GGIGI) have become?

  • 44th

9. Goldman Award and Abraham Award are related to which field?

  • Environment

10. Who is the creator honored with Madhupark Samman-2081?

  • Prof. Krishna Gautam, poet Manchu Kanchuli and storyteller Kishore Pahadi

11. Who is the person honored by the Corporate Excellence Award given by Nepal Chartered Accountants Association?

  • Chandra Prasad Dhakal

12. Recognition Award-2081 was awarded to whom?

  • Writer Pragathi Rai and Journalist Prakash Guragai

13. Asian American and Pacific Islander Commission (AAPI) of the state of Massachusetts in the United States honored whom with the Life Time Achievement Award?

  • Prahlad KC (May 2024)

14. Gandaki Pragya-Pratishthan honored with the Gandaki Pragya Sahitya Samman?

  • Bhupin is confused

15. When did the government of Nepal decide to include the Chuchhe map in the 100 rupee note and release it?

  • May 20, 2081

16. Who is the creator honored with the best peace award in 2081?

  • Roshan Sherchan

17. Which Nepali Bank has been honored with Global Finance Magazine’s Best Bank Award-2024?

  • Global IME Bank


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