1. When did the government decide to open an embassy in Portugal, a European country?
 Kartik 2, 2080

2. When is the International Anti-Corruption Day celebrated?
 December 9

3. Who won the title of international beauty pageant Heritage Pageant-2023?
 To Miss : Erica Hara and To Mrs : Wuvander Zirleth (Venezuela)

4. Narayangopal Memorial Award, 2080 was awarded to whom?
 Swara Kinnari Taradevi (posthumous) and Wangmayasevi Ganesh Rasik

5. Besides Nepali, which language has been recognized as official working language in Bagmati Province?
 Tamang and Nepal Bhasa

6. Who has become the number one player of this year (2023) in the Association of Tennis (ATP)?
 Novak Djokovic (Serbia)

7. Time Athlete of the Year – 2023 Who is the player declared?
 Lionel Messi

8. Who is the Nepali talent who won the Grand Global Ambassador International-2023 award?
 Aarush Bhattarai (2080 Mangsir)

9. Which country used the veto on the resolution of the United Nations Security Council for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war?
 America

10. When will the 17th Elephant and Tourism Festival be held?
 December 10-14, 2080, Chitrasari (Chitwan)

11. When and where was the 11th edition of the Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival held?
 Mangsir 23-26, 2080, Kathmandu

12. Sickle cell anemia is seen in which caste community of Nepal?
 Tharu

13. According to the first quarter review of the monetary policy of the financial year 2080/81 by Nepal Rastra Bank (presented on Mangsir 22, 2080), how much has the inflation rate been till the end of Ashwin?
 7.5 percent

14. When and where was the 8th International Mountain Festival held?
 Mangsir 21-25, 2080, Pokhara

15. Who is the first president of United Nations General Assembly?
 Paul Henri Spaak (Belgium, 1946), first woman president: Vijayalakshmi Pandit of India (1953)

16. When is National Agricultural Biodiversity Day celebrated?
 Magh 1

17. When was the establishment of the canal and geology base?
 1986 A.D.

18. Who is the first Nepalese to receive the Gallant Conservation Award?
 Dr. Mukesh Kumar Chalise

19. When did Nepal become a member of the Ramsar Convention?
 17 April 1988

20. What is known as white coal?
 Hydropower

21. According to the public report by multilateral lender International Monetary Fund (IMF) on 21st November 2080, what is the estimated economic growth rate of Nepal in the year 2023/24?
 3.5 percent

22. According to the decision of the Government of Nepal, Council of Ministers dated 12th Sawan 2069, what has been done by changing the name of Kausitoshakhana office?
 Office of Pension Management



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