1 . How long has Nepal taken the goal of ending absolute poverty?

  • 2100 B.S. (reduce multidimensional poverty to 3 percent)

2. How many three-year plans have been formulated so far?

  • 5

3. Sixteenth plan aims to reach the average length of stay of tourists?

  • 15 days

4. What is the population below the poverty line?

  • 20.3 (Sixteenth Plan target 12%)

5. How many countries have bilateral air service agreements with Nepal?

  • 40

6. How many times more are women working without pay than men?

  • 6 times

7. What is the percentage of the population of the productive age group (15-19) in the demographic structure of Nepal?

  • 67 percent

8. What percentage of the unemployment rate has been taken by fy 2085/086?

  • 5 percent

9. Sixteenth plan aims to build how many cricket stadiums with international level facilities?

  • 7

10. What is the share of renewable energy in the total energy?

  • 7.4 percent

11. The sixteenth plan How much digital literacy has been achieved by fy 2085/86?

  • 50 percent

12. What is the number of government services associated with citizen apps?

  • 62

13. How much investment is projected to be required to achieve the economic growth set by the Sixteenth Plan?

  • 94 billion 82 billion 66 crores

14. What percentage of the population has access to clean drinking water?

  • 25 percent

15. The sixteenth plan What percentage of women in public service has been targeted by 2085/086?

  • 35 percent

16. How many local level centers have reached the road?

  • 532

17. The sixteenth plan What is the target of reaching the population reached by 5G service by 2085/086?

  • 50 percent

18. Which is the longest glacier in Asia?

  • Siachen

19. What percentage is the contribution of the banana sector to the total gross domestic product?

  • 3 percent

20. What are the indicators to be measured for upgrading from a least developed country to a developing country?

  • Gross National Income per capita, Human Capital Index and Economic and Environmental Risk Index

21. Which is the first country to legalize euthanasia?

  • The Netherlands

22. Which eye disease is caused by white pupil?

  • Sapu

23. Is it a new species of bird found in the Annapurna conservation area?

  • Phusro Sarau


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