I have tried to solve the questions asked by the Public Service Commission in the written examination for the post of Computer Operator conducted on 2081-02-04. Hope it will help you to improve your studies.

Note: The answer of any question is determined by its marks. Therefore, we should write the answer sought by the question rather than what we know. Answers should be completed within the stipulated time.


What is the difference between CUI and GUI operating system? (5)

The primary distinction between GUI (Graphical User Interface) and CUI (Character User Interface) lies in how users interact with the computer:

  1. GUI:
    • Uses graphics such as icons, navigation bars, and images.
    • Allows mouse interaction.
    • User-friendly and requires no expertise.
    • Examples: Windows, macOS.
    • Advantages:
      • Easy to use, simplifies tasks.
      • Supports multitasking.
      • Utilizes shortcut keys.
    • Disadvantages:
      • Time-consuming to create.
      • Higher resource usage.
      • Increased development complexity
  2. CUI:
    • Relies solely on keyboard input.
    • No graphical elements.
    • Examples: Command-line interfaces (e.g., UNIX shell).
    • Advantage:
      • Lightweight, efficient for specific tasks.
    • Disadvantage:
      • Limited interaction options compared to GUI

In summary, GUI uses visual representations, while CUI relies on text input for user-computer interaction.


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