Public Service Commission

Non Gazetted Second Class Kharidar Second paper Exam 2080

Second Paper Competitive Written Exam Held on 2080-08-24

Time: 2 hours 30 Min

FM: 100

Subject: Office Management

Section -A 40 Marks

Write short answers of the following questions

1. What is meeting? Clearly find the purpose of the meeting. 1+4=5

2. Write down the steps of filing with describing the various traditional systems of filing. 3+2=5

3. What role do the support staff play and contribute to the operation of the office? 5

4. What is the need and importance of circular in office management? Write. 5

5. Mention the barriers to effective communication in the office. Also, describe the key means of communication used in office management. 4+6=10

6. What is meant by grievance management? How can the complaints of the service seekers coming to the office be managed effectively? Mention. 3+7=10

Section – B Issue-30

7. What should the National Human Rights Commission do to fulfill its duties? Write. 5

8. What is citizen awareness? Write down the duties of citizens mentioned in the Constitution of Nepal. 2+3=5

9. Mention the functions, duties and powers of the Public Service Commission in accordance with the Constitution of Nepal. 10

10. What provisions have been made in the Constitution of Nepal regarding semi,industry and commerce policy? Write. 10

Section-C Issue-30

11. If 12 workers can complete a task in 30 days, how many workers will have to be added to complete the same work in 24 days? 5

12. 100/3 % of the students passed in one examination. If 240 students fail, find out the total number of students. 5

13. Ram will buy 3000 copies. Of these, 600 copies have been distributed free of cost to poor students. If you sell the remaining copies at the rate of Rs. 63 per piece, you will get a profit of 5%, then what will be the purchase price of one copy? Find out. 5

14. With 10% interest rate per annum, if the compound interest of any amount in 2 years is Rs.360 more than the simple interest, then find the principal. 5

15. If a total of 100 students have a median (MD) score of 32, find the values of x and y according to the table below. 5

Marks Obtained0-1010-2020-3030-4040-5050-60
Number of Students10X2530Y10

16. According to Nepal Telecom rules, up to 100 calls up to Rs. 250 and an additional Rs. If you have to pay the fee at the rate of 1.5, then how much fee will be paid for 340 calls? In which the service fee is 10% and VAT is 13%. 5

—–The end—

Note: All questions are translated via google Translate.

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