In below, we are going to share 61 General Knowledge Questions and Answers from Literature of Nepal in order to enhance your General Knowledge power to complete competitive exams and school and college level quizzes. Actually, These Nepali Samanya Gyan only focused on literature of Nepal. Hope that it will help to increase your General Knowledge Capability about Nepali Literature.

  1. Who was the famous Nepalese literature who was born and died on the same date?
    – Moti Ram Bhatta
  2. Who is the writer of ‘OO Mari Are’ book?
    – Subash Ghising
  3. Who is the writer of ‘OO Mareki Chhaina’?
    – Balkrishna Sama
  4. What is the real name of ‘Parijat’?
    – Bishnu Kumari Waiba
  5. What is the real name of ‘Bairagi Kaiela’?
    – Til Bikram Nembang
  6. ‘Sudapa’ denotes three famous literatures of Nepal now, tell the name of three famous literatures name?
    – Surya Bikram Gyawali, Dharanidhar Koirala and Parasmani Pradhan
  7. Whose novel is ‘Aka Deshki Maharani’?
    – Keshab Raj Pidali
  8. In the Nepali literature who is known as the ‘Bhut ko Bhinaju’ (Borther in law of ghost)
    – Basudev Sharma Luintel
  9. Who is the writer of ‘Bahula Kaji Ko Sapana’?
    – Bijaya Malla
  10. Who is the writer of ‘Bise Nagarchi’?
    – Bhimnidhi Tiwari
  11. What is the name of an award which was provided to great poet Laxmi Prasad Devkota after his death?
    -Tribhuvan Award [2023 B.S.]
  12. Who is the first female literature of Nepal who bagged Madan Puruskar?
    – Parijat
  13. For which book did Parijat bag ‘Madan Puruskar’?
    – Sirish ko Phool 2022 B.S.
  14. Who is the writer of ‘Seto Bagh’?
    – Diamond Shamser
  15. Which Nepalese book first translated into Japanese language?
    – Seto Bagh
  16. When did Pragya Pratisthan establish?
    – 2014 Ashar 09
  17. Which an award is called Nobel Prize of Asia?
    – Megesese Prize
  18. Who was honoured by Megesese Prize?
    – Mahesh Chandra Regmi
  19. Who is ‘Chadani Shah in Nepali literature?
    – Aishwarya Shah
  20. Who was the first poet of Nepal?
    – Subananda Das
  21. Who is the writer of ‘Babu-Aama and Chhora?
    – B.P. Koirala
  22. Who is the writer of ‘Anta Dekhe Suru’?
    – Keshab Raj Pindali
  23. Who was honoured by Prithivi Pragya prize?
    – Lainsingh Wandel
  24. Who is the first Nepali who was honoured by the Neharu prize?
    – Tulsi Mehar Shrestha
  25. Who is the writer of ‘Hitler and Yahudi’?
    – B.P. Koirala
  26. Which is the first book of Moti Ram Bhatta?
    – Gajendra Mokshya
  27. Which is the first book of B.P. Koirala?
    – Doshi Chasma
  28. Which is the first ‘Mahakabya’ in Nepali?
    – Sakuntal
  29. Who is the first Nepalese female play writer?
    – Sabitri Pokharel
  30. Which is the only novel written by the great poet Laxmi Prasad Devkota?
    – Champa
  31. When did senior poet Mohan Koirala died?
    – 2063 Falgun 10
  32. Where was Moti Ram Bhatta born in Kathmandu?
    – Voshi Ko Tole [Present Behind the Bir Hospital]
  33. Which was the first published book of Bal-Krishna Sama?
    – Muto Ko Byatha
  34. Who was the writer of ‘Ma’ book?
    – Bal Krishna Sama
  35. Who is the writer of the ‘Let’s Visit to Nepal’?
    – Ang Sang Suki
  36. Which is the novel written by 10 different writer?
    – Aakash Bibhajit Chha
  37. Which is the first published Nepali novel?
    – Bir Sikka (1946 B.S.)
  38. Who is the first martyr of Nepali literature?
    – Subba Krishna Lal Adhikari
  39. Who is the writer of ‘Badhu Shikkshaya’?
    – Bhanu Bhakta Acharya
  40. Who was the writer of ‘Dharma Shikkshaya’?
    – Chakrapani Chalise
  41. What was the name of Bhanu Bhakta Acharya on the day of naming ceremony?
    – Devibhakta Acharya
  42. Who was the name Malla King, who wrote ‘Haragauri Bibaha’ drama?
    – Gagajyoti Malla
  43. Who wrote the ‘History of Nepal’?
    – Danial Wright
  44. Which is the first book of Bhanu Bhakta Acharya?
    – Balkanda
  45. Who is the writer of ‘Sarangi Boke Ko Samundra’?
    – Mohan Koirala
  46. Which is the first book of Jaya Prithivi Bdr. Singh?
    – Akshyara Malla
  47. Which is the first book of Lekhnath Paudyal?
    – Shishu Bodhane
  48. When did literature Keshab Raj Pindali die?
    – 2055 B.S.
  49. Who is the writer of ‘Beda Ma Ke Chha’?
    – Swami Prapanacharya
  50. Which is the first book of Siddhicharan Shrestha?
    – Urbarsi
  51. Which is the first book of Bhawani Vichhu?
    – Gunkesari
  52. What is the real name of ‘Chatyang Master’?
    – Krishna Kumari Gautam
  53. ‘Arresting God in Kathmandu’, who is the writer of this book?
    – Samrat Upadhayaya
  54. Which is the first epic in Nepal?
    – Sakuntal
  55. Which is the last book of Bhawani Vichhu?
    – Suntali
  56. Which is the first short teles collection (name)?
    – Kasinger
  57. What is the name of literature ‘Agni Shikha’?
    – Sukadeva Nepal
  58. Which day is celebrated as the ‘Story Day’?
    – Chaitra 11
  59. Who is the writer ‘Hiunko Durbar’?
    – Shrawan Mukarung
  60. Who had started the culture of Gajal in Nepal?
    – Moti Ram Bhatta
  61. Which is the most famous and popular book of the great poet Laxmi Prasad Devkota?
    – Muna Madan


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