Linking document in HTML

HTML Provides to link one page to another page or document. In HTML we can create three types of linking.

a)   Intra Document Linking – It is a linking within the same document like bookmark in MS Word.

b)   Inter Document Linking – It is a linking with one document/webpage to another document.

c)   Linking Non Text Object – It is a linking with all multimedia files like audio, video, image etc.

<a>…………………………. </a>

In HTML anchor tag is used to create link (Hyperlink) between and within the page.

Attributes of <a > tag

Href=“file path/ URL” ( It stands for hyper text reference. It is used to specific the location of a target file or document.)

Name=“link name” ( It is used to define name of a link. It is used for creating intra document linking.)

Title=“description” ( Display information about link in bottom of the mouse when user put the mouse over the link.)

Accesskey=“shortcut key for the link” (Specifics a single character as shortcut key for a link.

Adding Image in HTML


It is known as image tag. If we want to include image in a web page then we use this <img> tag. This tag doesn’t have closing tag.

Attributes of <Img> tag

Src=“Image path with extension” ( It is used to define a image path which we want to insert in our page.)

Align=Top|middle|bottom|left|right (It is used to set the alignment of a picture.)

Alt=“Text” (If we put the text in alt attribute then it display a text when browser unable to load a picture.)

Name=“name of the image” (Define a name of a image.)

Width=value ( it specifics the width of the image.)

Height=value ( It defines the height of the image.)

Border=value ( it is used to apply border around a image.)

Hspace=value ( It defines horizontal distance between picture and the text.)

Vspace=value (It defined vertical distance between picture and text.)

Dynsrc=“Movie path with extension” ( This tag displays a movie in a webpage.)


Use this tag to apply background sound in a webpage.

Attributes of <bgsound> tag

Loop=infinite |no. of loops ( Define how many times to loop the background sound in a page.)

Adding Video in HTML


Use this tag to insert object (media files) in a webpage. If we use this tag our media will play in a windows media player layout.

Attributes of <embed> tag

Src=“media file path” ( use to define media file path.)

Width=value (defines the width of the media player.)

Height=value ( defines the height of the media player.)

Align=left|right|center (Use to define the name of a embedded object.)

Hidden=True|False (define object should display or not.)

Autostart=true|false (media should start automatically or not.)

Loop=0|1 (Should media play continuously or not.)

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