Creating Frame in HTML document

If you want to create frames using the old HTML technique, you can use the <frame> and <frameset> elements. However, please note that frames are considered outdated and have been deprecated. They are not recommended for modern web development due to various issues like accessibility, SEO, and responsive design.


The Frameset tag is a frame container for dividing a window in to rectangular subspace called frames. The frame set tag contain one or more frame set or frame element.

Attributes of <Frameset> tag

Rows=Pixels value or percentage (Defines how many rows in the frame set.)

Cols=Pixels value or percentage (Defines how many rows in the frame set.)

Frameborder=yes|no|0|1 (Use to create border line between frames.)

Framespacing=value (Creates space between frames.)

Bordercolor=color name or  value (Defines the border color of a frame.)


<Frame> Tag defines a frame with in a frameset document.

Attributes of <frame> tag

Src=“Frame file path” (use to define what file to put in a frame.)

Scrolling=Auto|yes|no (This attribute lets you to scroll frame or not.)

Noresize – (This attribute do not let the user to make the frame bigger or smaller/resize.)

HTML Special Character codes

Less than&lt;
Greater than&gt;
Copy right&#169;©
Fraction one half&#189;½
Fraction one four&#188;¼
Fraction three fourth&#190;¾

HTML Colour Value



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